Mexico City

Green Ball

... Through Rose-Colored Glasses

- By Serena Makofsky

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but props go to Mexico City as the city that needs a quick siesta hour to catch a breath between daytime adventures and the hyped nightlife scene. World-class cultural attractions pack the daytime itinerary. For night owls, the party starts at 11pm or midnight and doesn't slow down until the suits hit the subway at sunup. Trendy, young and buzz-worthy, Mexico City's gay culture transcends a single area. Multiple neighborhoods have spots owned, operated by and serving the gay community.

The action has historically centered around the Zona Rosa, or the Pink Zone, named for its rose-tinted cobblestone alleyways. In the '60s, at the apex of the area's bohemian incarnation, Modernist painter José Luis Cuevas observed that the neighborhood " too naive to be red, but too frivolous to be white, for this reason it is precisely pink."

The hustle and energy of the 'hood radiates from Calle Amberes. Chilango magazine credits it as "little by little...converting into our Castro Street or Chueca or Le Marais." Look for a rainbow flag to find one of many gay clubs, including the hybrid disco/cantina BoyBar (Amberes 14), with a dark room for private encounters. At Lipstick (Amberes 1), a lounge decor creates a plush backdrop for sipping trendy cocktails, listening to Mexican and English pop and watching the drag queen hostess preside over the dance floor and Go-Go boy shows.

Tear yourself away from Calle Amberes to explore the campier offerings at one of the series of Cabaré-Tito clubs. Cabaretito means "little cabaret" and happens to be the name of Mexico's most famous drag queen and owner of the clubs. Go electronica at Cabaré-Tito Neon (Londres 161-20A) or catch a glammy show at Cabaré-Tito Fusion (Londres 77). The Cabaretito pages on Facebook have coupons that get you in without paying cover.

Drag performer Fiona Mallratte describes a typical night at the clubs. "It was packed. It was hard work to walk across the club and get a margarita...people are dressed to the nines, but very hip...By day, you wouldn't even know there is a club there. By night, they put candles in bags and have greeters that beckon you to come in." Martin Foreman comments on the shows, "the fact that the humor is predictable does not make it any less funny."

A few blocks from the action, you'll find the men-only 6M9 gay guest house. The Porfiriano period house got a full remodel in 2006 and has a swimming pool, steam area, jacuzzi, exercise room, terrace for sunning and a breakfast bar. After your neon fix, head over to the more stylish Condesa neighborhood. Amid the contemporary galleries, designer denim shops, boutiques, tapas bars, sidewalk cafes and hip cantinas, you'll find Tom's Leather Bar (Insurgentes Sur 357). The name is a bit of false advertising. The owner is Miguel, not Tom, and most people there are in dark denim, not leather.

A regular client who goes by the nickname of Happy raves, "The Go-Go boys dance on the bar and do take it all off," and warns, "It's not a dance club. It is a packed bar...narrow space, tables along wall and in free spaces. Then some back space. Cruisy and busy dark rooms and then the bathrooms. Very popular place. You will find a bit of everything there." Flyboy is a fan, too. "This is one of the best gay bars in the world, rivaling those in Amsterdam or Berlin. Hot men, hot dancers, smoking DJ, hot porn, hot backroom."

Miguel, who not only owns Tom's but works the bar like a maestro, may look familiar. That's his visage in every painting on the walls. He describes the club as "a postmodern cantina," but the look is more English Gothic palace, with black walls, gargoyles, candelabras and a red ceiling. DJs spin pop, retro hits, classic blues and even numbers from Broadway musicals. Every 20 minutes, the music changes and strippers enter the bar areas. "Most of the time they begin dancing in a small thong or boxer but before the end of the first song, it will be gone and strippers become fully nude," says Carl, a regular. At closing, the whole staff of strippers ascends the bar for a grand finale.

Take a ten-minute walk to La Estacion (Hamburgo 234). Here is your true leather scene, attracting a youngish, buff crowd. This sex club and disco features a dark room upstairs. Two other prime area spots for cruising are Calle Amsterdam and Parque México, which a local named Eliseo describes as "a gay village." Condesa's popular gay-owned bed and breakfast is the singular Red Tree House (Culiacan 6). Plush, eclectic decor and friendly hosts mean that rooms fill up over three months in advance.

Move a notch tonier than Condesa and you have Polanco. This is a epicenter of all that is "fresa," which means strawberry but can also mean yuppie. In terms of shopping, it's the Champs-Elysées. In terms of art, it's Museum Mile, bordering the art-packed Chapultepec Park and the just-opened Museo Soumaya, a seven-story wonder housing billionaire Carlos Slim's personal art collection. In terms of gay attractions, Polanco offers a little something extra. In a word, SO.DO.ME. This management of this bathhouse claim that it's the first to open specifically to a gay clientele rather than being merely gay-friendly or hosting a mixed crowd. However, the management of Club San Francisco (Rio Panuco 207) and the three-story La Toalla VIP Spa and Gym (Avenida Alvaro Obregón 259) may beg to differ.

No sign announces SO.DO.ME., situated at Mariano Escobedo 716, so use the Hotel Camino Real as your guide. The bathhouse is on the same side of the street as the famous hotel, and across the street from the Chapultepec Sports Club. Clean and modern, SO.DO.ME. begins with the lounge and continues to a bar framed with video screens, onto a jacuzzi area and a line of showers, where--during select hours--Go-Go boys dance (you are welcome to join) to music played by DJs. A writer for BUTT Magazine promises, "There are always very hot guys there when I go," recommending Friday and Saturday if you like crowds and Sunday if you want a 50 percent discount off the cover. And just when you thought Mexico City's gay scene couldn't get any hotter, an insider adds, "the cruisiest spot at SO.DO.ME.--the steam bath."

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Visit the Metropolitan Cathedral and President's Palace in Zocalo, Center of Mexico City.

Palacio Nacional

The National Palace in Mexico City was the seat of the Federal Executive in Mexico. Located in the Plaza de la Constitución, it houses some of the offices of both the Federal Treasury and the National Archives.


The Zócalo is the main plaza in the historic zone (neighborhood) in Mexico City. Also known as the Plaza de la Constitución, or Constitution Square (in English), this has been a gathering spot since the time of the Aztecs and is actually named after the Cádiz Constitution.


Mexico City

Mexico City, the mega-city, located at an elevation of 2,240 metres, is marked by social inequities. But, when my partner and I visited La Ciudad de México during La Semana Santa (the holy week before Easter), we were seduced by the charms of this place on the globe rich in history, historic sites, and museums. And México City has an excellent subway system which will whisk you away to any destination that matters for 3 pesos.


The Aztecs, also known as the Mexica, arrived in the region where Mexico City now stands, around 1100 AD. This was a group which spoke a language called Nahuatl. They Dominated large parts of MesoAmerica in the 14th-16th Centuries (the late Post-Classic period.) These were the people from Aztlan, which is a mythological place.

Polanco, -shop in the upscale Polanco. This is an amalgamation of several zones: Los Morales, Del Bosque, Polanco Reforma, Polanco Chapultepec, Chapultepec Morales, Bosque de Chapultepec and Residencial del Bosque.

" es un portal donde encontrará un listado a manera de directorio de las empresas y servicios más representativos de la zona commercial de Polanco."

Culture in Mexico

Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes,

"...diffusion and promotion of the Arts, the artistic education and research, as well as the safeguarding and conservation of the movable and immovable artistic heritage."

The Palace of Fine Arts

Palacio de Bellas Artes Avenido Hidalgo 1, Centro (5521 9251)


Auditorio Nacional: Paseo de la Reforma #50, Chapultepec, Mexico City. In front of the Polanco hotel zone. Next to Campo Marte.

Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción

The Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de María: the largest and oldest cathedral in the Americas is located near the Templo Mayor on the Northern side of Plaza de la Constitución, and was build in sections beginning in 1573.

Diego Rivera

Diego Rivera is credited for helping to start the Mexican Mural Renaissance (a Mexican Art Movement that took place primarily in the 1930s.) He studied Renaissance Frescoes in Italy in 1920 and returned to Mexico in 1921. Other artists involved in this movement: José Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and, Rufino Tamayo and Jean Charlot.


Konditori:Café-Restaurante Europe: Génova 61

"Konditori fue fundado por el matrimonio Aerenlud en Noviembre de 1953. Originalmente el negocio se inició como una florenria que posteriormente se convirtió en el actual restaurante conocido como Kunditori Zona Rosa. A lo largo de los años el negocio fue creciendo hasta tener cuatro unidades. "

El Péndulo A Café/restaurant located within a bookstore.


The W Hotel, in the Polanco Zone of Mexico City, DF. Hip, with the color Red in the design everywhere. This is the "Anywhere...Wherever" Hotel by their own billing. The staff will speak Spanish and whatever other language you would like to speak. The bartenders will take back and re-mix the drinks you don't think are strong enough. And their small but stylish elevators will take you to the 23rd floor, and beyond. (They tell me there is a penthouse somewhere supposedly at the top.) There is no pool (la pescina) for swimming laps. Stay in the heart of the Polanco. click on the link for details. : Hotel de Cortés. Hidalgo 85. One of the first hotels in the Americas. A modernized Baroque hotel in Downtown Mexico City.

"A Boutique Hotel with Pleasant Courtyard, Baroque Building, and 28 Rooms. Make reservations. Link to website." Hotel Catedral: Donceles #95, Col. Centro, Mexico City, C.P. 06020 Tel: (55) 5518-5232 US/Canada: 186-6291-2312.

Hotel Catedral, strategically situated behind México's Catherdral. 166 rooms. Terrace overlooking cultural sites. Traditional Cuisine. Walking distance from Templo Mayor (Archeaological Site). Near Palacio Nacional. Close to Plaza de la Constitución. Link to their website for details. Best Western Hotel Majestic. Madero 73. Centro. México D.F. (5521 8600/01800 509 2350. Metro Zócalo.

Located in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Four-Star Hotel. Seven floors. Outer Balconies. views of the Zocalo. An historic hotel. Link to their website for details and reservations.

La Condesa

Officially, Colonia Condesa. An administrative division or "colonia." South of Avenida Chapultepec. The popular name is: La Condesa. Named after the María Magdalena Dávalos de Bracamontes y Orozco, The Countess of Miravalle.

At the center of La Condesa is The Parque México, or Mexico Park, a.k.a. Parque San Martin. Once an Hacienda, this is one of the largest green areas of Mexico City. Visit this large urban park, once the property of Countess of Miravalle. It is located in the Colonia Hipódromo and was build in the 1920s. It was once a horse race-track.

The Oval Avenida Amsterdam borders the Condesa Zone. (A Neighborhood with Art Deco Architecture for you to see.) A walkable area with a beautiful boulevard. Visit Parque México.


La Condesa

Groove: Citlaltepetl #9 Col. Hipodromo De La Condesa Del Cuauhtemoc Mexico DF CP 06170: Decorated with memorabilia from the past, the cuisine is adventurous, but not too much so, and the wines are maravilloso!


Le Bouchon Brasserie: 5281 7902: Call for Reservations: Julio Verne 102. Esq. Virgilio. Col. Polanco, México D.F. C.P. 11560:

"De la Región de Lyon, Capital gastronómica francesa, ciudad de comercio y de viajeros, nació la apelación de 'Bouchon Lyonnais'."
"El origen de la palabra viene de antes de la Revolución Francesa, cuando Los albergues ponian arriba de su puerta un arreglo de paja en forma de boca, "bouche" en francés (simbolo de Bacchus), para avisar que "aquí se sirve vino"...
...Visit their site for more details about this information.

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Frameline is a non-profit who's mission is to srengthen the diverse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community and further its visibility by supporting and promoting a broad array of cultural representations and artistic expressions in film, video and other media arts.


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